Well-Being Coach in Glasgow

As a Wellbeing Therapist and Coach I have over 15 years experience working in this area. I believe that taking good care of both our Minds and our Bodies can allow us a better quality of life that enhances our relationship with ourselves and indeed others..

Taking steps to realign with your wellbeing can mean for a more purpose-driven, less stressful and meaningful life.

Before I qualified as a Psychotherapist I gained valuable experience caring for individuals in our community. For over a decade I visited the sick, elderly, and with those dealing with loss and bereavement. I also worked with individuals with physical and learning difficulties and spent quality time with children and teenagers with vulnerable backgrounds.

I have worked with young children in a variety of settings , an example is I designed a workshop called ‘ Being the Best I can Be ‘  It focuses on ‘how the way we think and behave affects ourselves and others.’  Its purpose is to promote mental and physical well-being and targets children in transition from primary to secondary school.

Alongside my professional education , I have over 20 years of personal experience  dealing first hand with Autism and Aspergers , experience which continues to give  me insight and understanding that has proved invaluable in my work.

Bereavement, Grief, Death, Dying and loss are areas  I also particularly care about. My aim is to provide a service for these  issues that is sensitive, comforting and useful.

Physical health & fitness is an area that for as long as I can remember I’ve been passionate about, both on a  professional and personal level.  It can be considered an integral part of our well being and one that requires our efforts and attention in whatever way we can.

I continue to work with sports people on performance and development in this area from amateur to professional.