Anxiety Counselling Glasgow

Are you a What if …Thinker ?

Do you find yourself drained from excessive worry, endlessly analysing and over-thinking ?

Do you have an uneasy feeling of nervousness that seems to always be there?

Are your thoughts of dread, unwanted and sometimes scary ?

Do you experience panic attacks ?

Is your anxiety because you are afraid of a specific object or situation e.g. flying, dentist, exams, insects ?

Anxiety can be a painful & challenging condition to master , especially when it seems to dominate our lives. It is, however, a part of the universal human experience that can be used to our advantage when we shift our mindset from panic to power.

By using approaches such as Hypnotherapy for deep relaxation and Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to manage negative thinking and behaviours , we are better placed to manage our anxieties, find solutions  and be in control of our lives.

Understanding the unique purpose anxiety has in our own lives is helpful .Understanding the messages our emotions & feelings are sending us  means we can learn to respond positively & appropriately. Strategies can be built upon to continually support us for a calm better quality of life.