Knee And Leg Injury Specialists

The legs and knees are prone to injury due to repetitive force and weight baring movements required in walking, running, jumping and twisting.

Our physiotherapist treats a wide variety of issues affecting the legs and knees and will provide treatment specifically tailored to your injury.

Hamstring Pain
Hamstring injuries are often sustained through running and kicking and are the strain or tear to the tendons or large muscle at the back of the thigh. There are three different kinds of hamstring injuries/;
• Mild muscle pulls or strain
• Partial muscle tear
• Complete muscle tear

Quadriceps Pain
The quadriceps are the muscles at the front of your thigh and can become strained and painful. Injuries can be sustained during sports that involve sprinting , jumping or kicking such as football,cycling, and rugby.

Brian Scott Physiotherapy will take you through a treatment plan for your Quadricep injury
• Reduce pain and swelling
• Improve movement and flexibility
• Improve recovery
• Increase strength
• Structured exercises

Ankle and Foot problems

Ankle and foot injuries are common in sports such as running, football, rugby, and basketball. Most ankle and foot injuries are strains and require elevation, pressure, and rest.

At Brian Scott Physiotherapy we will help with diagnosis, symptom relief , treatment and rehabilitation.  We will advise you on how to help yourself  to reduce the likelihood of a repeat injury.

Other Muscle Injuries
With 640 muscles in the body, it is very likely that you will strain or injury one of them in your legs. If you are having issues with muscular pain, strains or tears then get in touch to see how Brian Scott Physiotherapy can help you overcome these issues.
ACL Injury
Anterior Cruciate Ligaments ( ACL ) are most often injured in sports that require quick movement and change in direction. An ACL injury will have a significant impact on a person’s day to day life as it makes simple tasks such as walking, climbing the stairs and standing up very difficult.

At Brian Scott Physiotherapy we will advise you on how to recover from this injury and will work with you at the right times to improve your mobility, strength and the function of the ACL to ensure a quick and safe rehabilitation whilst also reducing the risk of future damage.

Our specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist will work with you both short and long term to ensure you are treated correctly.

Treatments many include:
• Cold therapy
• Gentle movement exercise
• Balance training
• Core stability work
• Strength building