Back Problem Physiotherapy

Back problems can be the result of muscle, ligament and  disc injury.

Low back pain is a common and sometimes recurrent experience for many. Physiotherapy can help to speed the healing and recovery process whether it is an acute or chronic problem.

It is helpful and important to promptly seek advice when back pain has become a concern and is not settling, as ignoring it can in many cases make matters worse. Getting the right physiotherapy treatment and advice for your particular complaint can prove invaluable since having an accurate diagnosis and instructions for the right exercises can make a beneficial difference

The physiotherapist will also discuss with you ways that you can help yourself  and how to avoid further injury and ease your pain . Keeping moving and making sure your posture is good are advisable in most cases.. also making sure that you are not sitting or standing for too long can all help to enhance your recovery and overall well-being.

There are several forms of physiotherapy and treatment available for upper and lower back problems including modern treatment techniques and passive / active  physiotherapy. Our aim is to  restore and strengthen function for safe return to activity.

Pre/Post Operation

Physiotherapy before and after surgery can be beneficial , facilitating optimum conditions for optimum recovery. By making sure you are in the best place physically and mentally before and after surgery you can make a big difference on your road to well-being. Being prepared supports the process  and expectations for positive outcomes are higher.